I’ve been doing some heavy research this past week and missed my due date for posting. Don’t give up! I’m still here!

In choosing to write this blog and in focusing on my family’s story, I’ve come to a new appreciation for history, the founding of our country and the way we all came to be where we are today.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: we are all a product of those who came before us whether they be blood relatives or simply chose to travel with us. Everyone we touch or who touches us in our lives helps form who we become.

Already in the short time I’ve been on this quest to discover my past, I’ve found people and stories and a history I am so happy to have discovered. I can only hope that I have helped someone else discover something about themselves and become excited about their own stories.

So, stick with me. I have more to tell and I pray I have more to discover!!